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About Us

The Office of Human Research (OHR) is a centralized research office at Memorial Healthcare System (MHS). Since its inception in 2011, it has grown to more than 50 full time employees including a Chief Medical Research Officer; Director of Research Operations; Finance, Compliance and Clinical Directors; Research Specialists/Nurses, Regulatory Staff and Research PhD Scientists.

The Office of Human Research supports Memorial-employed physicians and researchers in a variety of research endeavors including:

  • Investigator-initiated research consultation services
  • Pharmaceutical trials
  • Education and researcher training
  • Quality and safety management
  • Project management
  • Study monitoring service
  • Audit assistance
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Additional services (including biostatistical support and regulatory oversight)


Our vision is to offer a research study to every patient who walks through our doors and to support any MHS clinician who wants to perform research.


We currently have over 130 Memorial Physician Group (MPG) doctors involved in clinical trials across 32 sub-specialties.

The scope of our research includes over 160 open to accrual studies system-wide which are comprised of Phase 1 through 4 protocols. We have enrolled over 10,000 patients to date. One third of our studies are in adult oncology, a third are in pediatric oncology and the last third are comprised of trauma, stroke, cardiovascular, pediatric endocrine and nephrology, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and sickle cell studies. The trials themselves range from treatment drug and device studies, which offer the latest in therapies to our patients, to research registries which allows MHS the prestige of joining national databases and to add to knowledge for the greater good. Pharmaceutically and federally sponsored trials and grants are ongoing as well as investigator-initiated research.

Strategic research affiliations include:

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Sarah Cannon Research Institute
  • Moffitt 

With the support of the Office of Human Research, Memorial investigators have participated in studies of several drugs for various indications, some of which have since garnered FDA approval. Most recently, from the medical research side these include:

  • Ofatumumab (Kesimpta)
  • Ravulizumab (Ultimoris)
  • Barostim Baroreflex Activatin Therapy (Barostim Neo Implantable Pulse Generator)

And on the Oncology side:

Achievement Disease Area Significance
Elranatamab Expanded Access Protocol (MAGNETISMM17) Multiple Myeloma Approval of a new treatment option for Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma
CAR-T Cell Therapy Approval R/R Large B-Cell Lymphoma Successful completion of a clinical trial for CAR-T cell therapy, establishing it as a groundbreaking treatment for malignant hematology
Asciminib (ABL001) Monotherapy Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML-CP) Active participation in a significant trial, including T315I mutation patients, shaping guidelines for CML-CP treatment
Verzenio (Abemaciclib) Approval HR+, HER2– Breast Cancer Key role in gaining approval for Verzenio (abemaciclib) as the exclusive CDK4 & 6 inhibitor for HR+, HER2– breast cancer patients