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When you support the Memorial Foundation for Memorial Healthcare System, you give more than money. You are giving the gift of world-class care, treatment, medical talent and support right where we all live, work and raise our families. You make sure advanced care will be here for you, your loved ones, friends, neighbors and thousands of deserving families when they need it most.

Meet The Pink Angels From The Memorial Foundation

Meet the Pink Angels, breast cancer warriors, from the Memorial Foundation.
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actually lived a very normal life before
and one day my life
changed completely the first thing you
say to yourself is
am i am i going to die am i going to
make it everyone would just
cry at the beginning and i had to be the
the patient has to become the rock for
your family and friends
right away they knew it was cancer and
soon i found out it was stage 3c
you hear of other people being diagnosed
with breast cancer
but it can't be me well you get knocked
down to your knees
it was a scary diagnosis i was young i
had a kindergartener and a second grader
when you're diagnosed you are in the
abyss there is no
oxygen there is no breath but once you
know what your plan of action is going
to be
i think that's when the breast cancer
patient becomes stronger
the pink angels organization through the
memorial foundation
raises funds specifically for breast
cancer patients
our mission is working with women that
walk through the door
of the cancer institute and can't
probably afford
what they'd like to while they're
undergoing different treatments and
we're there to help we
provide wigs we provide makeup
lotions potions all through the image
recovery center
and there are so many women that don't
have the funds or the insurance to pay
for those items
when i usually meet a patient for the
first time they're scared
they're nervous they don't know what to
expect because it's all the unknown
so i kind of give them a little bit of
support and that way i can
explain to them you'll look back at this
a little journey you took in your life
we have a touch of pink event every
year we raise funds probably upwards of
150 to 200 000
and we will put that all in our fund and
give back
over the years to the patients that need
our help every single
penny that we raise goes directly back
into local
women who need financial assistance with
breast cancer
care so it's with nutrition it's with
acupuncture it's with wigs it's
lymphedema sleeves
it's with fertility and we're always
looking for new ways to spend this money
in a way that's impactful for our
one of the conversations that i have
with women who are going through
the first thing i say to them is
look at me i'm alive i'm here
there's life after breast cancer

You can help fight cancer from every corner by:

  • Enhancing Breast Cancer Center services at Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West
  • Supporting Broward County’s only Bone Marrow Transplant program
  • Increasing clinical trials for breast, lung, gastrointestinal, gynecology and urology cancer patients
  • Helping cancer patients and their families with critical support services through Patient Navigators, Image Recovery, Genetic Testing, Palliative Care, Specialized Therapies, and Counseling Services.
  • Providing essential financial and housing assistance programs for patients in need

You can help keep advanced cardiac care in our local community. We need:

  • More private rooms for the most critically ill cardiac patients
  • Expanded Heart Surgical Unit capabilities to serve more cardiac patients
  • Housing for Heart Failure/Transplant patients and their families
  • Increased research and clinical trial funding, so we can save more lives

Your support of the Memorial Foundation also provides:

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