Hurricane Preparation, Safety, and Wellness Tips

June 01, 2024


Hurricane season is officially upon us. Are you prepared to weather the storm?

Randy Katz, MD, district medical director of Emergency Services, Memorial Healthcare System, emphasizes the importance of preparedness for individuals with chronic medical conditions during hurricane season.

Here's a guide to ensure your safety and well-being this stormy season.

Preparation Tips Before Hurricane Hits

Develop a Comprehensive Plan

If you have chronic medical conditions, it's crucial to have a thorough plan in place for hurricane season.

Be prepared for potential power outages.
Consider investing in an electric generator or making alternative arrangements, especially if you rely on home oxygen.

Prepare a medical kit.
Make sure you have a minimum two-week supply of all your prescription medications in your emergency kit.

Special Needs Registry

Florida Department of Health and Broward County offers a special needs registry for individuals who require specific shelter and evacuation transportation during hurricanes. Register in advance to secure your spot and ensure you receive the necessary assistance.

The Special Needs Shelter and Evacuation Transportation Assistance Program offers transportation and shelter for residents that do not have a safe place to be during dangerous weather or other emergencies, or do not have a way to get to the shelter. For more information, call 954-831-3902.

Wound Care & Tetanus Prevention

Open wounds during hurricanes are at risk of contamination from debris, potentially leading to tetanus. Ensure your tetanus vaccination is up to date to prevent infections.

Importance of EMS

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are crucial both before and after hurricanes. Seek medical attention before the hurricane arrives if you experience symptoms like chest pain or abdominal pain.

Once winds exceed 50 mph, EMS may not respond to 9-1-1 calls until it's safe, so it's essential to seek treatment early.

By following Dr. Katz's expert advice, individuals with chronic medical conditions can better prepare for hurricane season, ensuring their safety and well-being. Share these tips with your loved ones to help everyone stay informed and prepared.

For more information on hurricane preparedness, visit our Hurricane Updates page.

Dr. Randy Katz shares a few tips for getting ahead of the storm and staying as safe as possible this hurricane season.

We're officially in the thick of hurricane season! Dr. Randy Katz, associate district medical director of emergency services at Memorial Healthcare System, shares a few tips for getting ahead of the storm and staying as safe as possible this hurricane season.