5 Surprising Reasons to Try a Dry (Sober) Month

April 09, 2024

You may hear the phrase “dry month” a lot and think — “Oh, that’s only in January and I missed it this year.” Or is it worth the effort?

You can do a dry month challenge not just for Dry January or Sober October. It’s a challenge you can take any time of the year to experience the first-hand benefits of being sober for 28 to 31 days.

There are personal reasons people choose to participate in a month without alcohol. More and more people are aware of studies that show if you go a month without drinking, there are real advantages that can last all year.

Here’s what you can expect when you take the alcohol-free month challenge:

man refusing glass of red wine

A healthier heart

Some people say red wine is good for your heart. That might be true for occasional drinkers. But when you cut back or stop drinking, you can lower your blood pressure and certain fat levels in your body. This can decrease your chances of heart failure.

glass of green juice on napkin with take care of yourself note

Increased hydration

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes you to sweat and urinate more often. Staying hydrated with plain or sparkling water, milk, no added sugar juices, smoothies, and whole fruits and vegetables helps flush out toxins in your body and lubricates and cushions your joints. Increased hydration is also known to boost energy and improve muscle function.

man with hangover holding glass of fizzy water

Better mental health

It might be fun to drink during a night with friends, but did you know alcohol is a depressant? Alcohol changes your blood chemistry. While drinking in the evening might feel good, many people have feelings of depression the next morning.

clock in foreground man sleeping in bed in dark room

Restful sleep

We all appreciate a good night’s sleep. It improves brain performance, refreshes our bodies, improves mood and enhances overall health. But studies show alcohol can cause you to wake up often during the night, disrupt the important REM stage of sleep, and disrupt breathing.

weight loss concept includes notebook glass of water and fruit

Weight loss

Whether it’s wine, liquor, or beer, most alcohols have more calories than protein or carbohydrates. And alcohol ramps up your appetite. If you’d like to lose weight to benefit your overall health, a dry month may be a great place to start.